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Having a love affair with django and other pythonic enterprises / Flash Master Flex / Founder of @RetroGiftsCo – http://retrogiftsco.com

Skill Set: Python, Django, haXe, Java, Flex, AS3, AS2, git, OOP, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, HTML and CSS.

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  1. gibran Burchett says:

    Are you working on any games now? I was looking for the collada for maya importer all over the internet… It was hard to find the mac version but your site led me right to it thanks….

  2. gibran Burchett says:

    By the way I’m working on a couple games now with a small team… It’s basically all in UNity and Maya but it would be cool to collab on a project with you… I’m in NY also by the way… Not really doing too much Flash these days but my skills are still sharp… I was using Flash since it was called future splash…. Hopefully that doesn’t show my age… but I’m afraid it does…!!!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Gibran! Wow, I just saw this now. Assume youve probably moved on to different projects. But do let me know what kind of interesting stuff you’re doing these days! Happy I could help.

  4. jeango says:

    re: importing spore creature into unity

    Hi there, I’ve recently started working with unity and I came across your great tutorial on how to import a spore creature into maya. I read through part 1 and part 2, but can’t seem to find part 3. Perhaps it was not done because it should be straightforward, however I can’t figure out an intuitive way to do this. I exported my creature as a maya binary and then imported it as a new asset in Unity. The mesh is there, but there is no texture or animation attached to it.

    Also in part 2 you explain how to animate your creature, but from what I could read around the web, the colladaexport in spore also exports animations. How can I use those in unity?

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