Lubuntu up and running in Virtualbox on hp Pavilion dv6

Was having a bit of trouble installing Ubuntu on Virtualbox with my hp dv6. No matter what distro I tried it was horribly slow, wouldn’t connect to the internet, mouse was acting all wonky, etc.

The turning point came when I found that Virtualization is not enabled by default on the hp dv6. It’s a setting you have to change in your BIOS, read how to here:

Cool, now Lubuntu installs much more easily than before. However, it’s still pretty slow. Here are the settings I changed to get the performance up to where it needs to be:

System Base Memory: 2048 MB, Enable IO APIC
System Processor: 2 CPUs
Both hardware acceleration boxes are checked off
Display Video Memory 32 MB

The other settings seem irrelevant.

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